Training Cost Lives Of Tennessee National Guardsman

tennessee national guardsman

On Wednesday, two Tennessee national guardsman lost their lives while training with a helicopter. And just after a moment, their chopper crashed killing the two souls on board. The accident took place in northern Alabama. The news was shared later by the Tennessee National Guard. The information caused chaos in the region, and many nearby houses came to the scene as soon as possible. The helicopter crashed near highway 53 on Burwell road in Huntsville. The whole chopper went in flames.

Tennessee National Guardsman Seeking Emotional Support

They cannot bring back the lost souls of Tennessee National Guardsman, but the adjutant general requested the people of Tennessee to stand beside those families who have lost their members. The federal and local authorities are looking after the crash site, and no civilians are allowed near the site.

Losing Tennessee National Guardsman was totally unexpected, although no other souls have been injured or even affected by the crash. The department faced a great loss. The nearby fire department was contacted immediately and reached the site. However, it was already too late. The helicopter went into flames along with the two officers.

The law enforcement agency of Alabama immediately responded, and even the madison county sheriff’s department reached the crashed site immediately. And they confirmed there were no survivors whatsoever from Tennessee National Guardsman. The helicopter had no solid part left which could have been sent to forensics to further study or at least help them find out the cause. Huntsville Emergency Medical Services brought out the remains of two Tennessee National Guardsman. The adjutant general shared a statement supporting the grieving families, and the unthinkable loss they are suffering with. He shared his condolences.