Trevor Noah Uploaded A Photo With Minka Kelly

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah

In an image that Trevor Noah uploaded on Instagram, fans spotted Minka Kelly. It was a group photo. Kelly was seen seated next to Trevor Noah. Trevor uploaded the images of his friend’s birthday party. The party was held in Trevor’s native Johannesburg. 

In the series of images that he uploaded we can see him and Kelly sitting next to each other having a good time. This is the first time when Kelly has been seen on Trevor Noah’s social media pages. 

Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly played the role of Autumn in the famous modern-tragic-love-story 500 Days Of Summer. She also starred in Friday Night Lights as Lyla. Rumour has it that she and Trevor Noah have been together since August of 2020. Sources revealed that they were deep in love and were very committed to each other and their relationship. The rumored couple supposedly split up in May 2021. After a few weeks, they were spotted together. 

In the past, Minka Kelly dated Derek Jeter, Jesse Williams, John Mayer, Chris Evans, and Donald Faison. Trevor Noah’s former loves include musicians and singers Jordyn Taylor and Dani Gabriel. 

Back in Nov 2019, Trevor Noah explained why he keeps his love life private. He said that he is not big on everyone knowing his private details. He gravitates towards genuine people. The bond he shares with them is precious and would not like rumors to ruin them. 

Marriage is not something that he is opposed to. He believes that individuals should be genuine and be true from the beginning of any relationship. 

In Feb 2012, Minka Kelly said that wears her heart on her sleeve. Hiding feelings is very tough for her. She tries to hide them sometimes because they get her into trouble. She believes that loving deeply and truly is better than not loving at all or living half-heartedly.