Tropical Storm Isaias Slamming Puerto Rico As Track Shifts To Florida’s East Coast

Tropical Storm Isaias which battered Puerto Rico is said to bring back memories of Hurricane Maria.

The storm had the maximum speed of 60 mph and reportedly hit Puerto Rico with that sustained speed. After Puerto Rico, it continued on its track toward the US mainland following the east coast of Florida.

The US National Hurricane Center reported that the tropical storm formulated near Puerto Rico in the Atlantic at around 11 pm on Wednesday. It made landfall a bit later and as of Thursday morning, it’s about a 100 miles West of Puerto Rico.

According to current reports, the storm is moving west at 21 mph. It has slowed down gradually from 60 mph but is still to go over Hispaniola and the Dominican Republic later on Thursday, announces the US National Hurricane Center.

The early forecasts regarding the storm were confusing as there were a lot of mixed signals from the storm. A Puerto Rico victim says, “I didn’t think it was going to be this strong. It’s a rather difficult experience because it reminds us of [Hurricane] Maria.”