Joe Manchin Wants The Age Raised For Gun Purchases

Joe Manchin

Joe Manchin, the Senator from West Virginia, is of the opinion that the age for purchasing guns should be raised to 21 for semi-automatic weapons. He also went on to question the necessity of individuals owing high-powered AR-15-style weapons- something that definitely puts him at major odds with the other Republicans who have been trying to discredit any attempt of restricting access to firearms.

Speaking to CNN on Monday, Manchin mentioned that he never really understood the need for that form of high-capacity automatic weapons in the hands of civilians. He further stated that he was a fan of shooting games- but he still never had the drive to purchase something of that magnitude. 

Joe Manchin Doesn’t Understand The Need Behind Assault Weapons

Joe Manchin went as far as to state that he had absolutely no problem checking out a proposal that would introduce a ban on so-called assault weapons. This proposal has currently been pushed by the White House and most of the Democratic leaders- but doesn’t really stand a chance of winning the needed 60-votes in the Senate. He stated that the bill would entirely depend on how it was approached before the Senate. But he was open to anything that would make any sense regarding guns.

These comments from Senator Joe Manchin, the most conservative Democrat in the Senate- do imply growing Democratic support for bringing out new and tougher gun laws as most of the senators from the Democratic end have been trying to reach any form of a compromise with the Republicans on how they dealt with gun violence that was ravaging communities throughout the nation. The position definitely outlines how the two still sides have been having recurring arguments on how to resolve this crisis as they raced to bring out a new bill. 

To put it simply, Joe Manchin hails from a small bipartisan group that is trying to negotiate a deal on gun laws.