US Court Orders Trump Financial Records To Be Handed Over To Prosecutors

Espionage Act

An appeals court in the US on Friday upheld a subpoena by Congress that sought the Trump Financial Records from Mazars, the accounting firm. But is also said that some requests made by the lawmakers were not within legal limits.

The ruling was delivered by the Appeals Court for the DC Circuit. It unanimously ruled that the House Oversight Committee, controlled by the ruling democrats, can obtain Trump Financial Records from a period dating back to the 2016 Presidential campaign and later during his tenure at the White House.

The appeals court ruled that the subpoena had exceeded its scope for several of Trump Financial Records, that included several linked to the lease of Trump’s hotel in Washington.

The court said that lawmakers were allowed to subpoena only those documents that are closely linked to legislation that they are studying.

Nobody in Trump’s camp or from Mazars commented on the development linked to Trump’s financial records.

Former President Alleged That Attempts To Pursue    The Trump Financial Record Was Politically Motivated

The former president has said that the probe was politically motivated. The opinion of the court on Friday declined or even outright rejected the line of Trump’s arguments. This included that the information obtained through a subpoena was not valid for legislation.

The appeals court ruling allows the committee to obtain several Trump financial records that have a bearing on the lease of Trump’s hotel. There are also records tied to the allegation that the former president violated laws about financial disclosure.

There are allegations that Trump Financial Records could throw up evidence that Trump breached the emolument clause of the Constitution. This law restricts the acceptance of payments by national officeholders from a foreign government.

The court also said that the US Supreme Court test concerning the seeking of papers from Presidents applied in the case, even though Trump was not in office.