Manchester united Eyeing Kylian Mbappe As A Possible Replacement To Cristiano Ronaldo

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In January’s transfer window, the football world might not be ready for the surprise Manchester United is currently planning. If the reports and the rumors are true, United might be eyeing for a possible transfer of PSG superstar Kylian Mbappe in January to replace their star striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the 38 year old global footballing superstar has not been in his usual form since the beginning of the season. Besides, constant problems around his family, death of his child and interviews that he did just before the world cup saying he has lost respect for the club coach and the American owners of the club has got him inside a swamp.

After his recent uncensored interview with Pierce Morgan, many believe Manchester United is trying to shut the door on his face after the World Cup. This is why they are trying to find a suitable replacement in his position, and PSG forward Kylian Mbappe might be the best man for the job for Manchester United now.

Manchester United Eyeing A January Transfer For Kylian Mbappe:

Ronaldo’s time at the Old Trafford are at the verge of ending, and his explosive interview with Pierce Morgan earlier this week is not helping.

With the sources saying that Manchester United Coach Ten Hag thinks he should not be near the team, it is possible more than ever that Kylian Mbappe might be the man the Red Devils would go for.

The club could have the cash to cover the estimated €150 mn or more necessary to entice Mbappe away from PSG, and also his reputed €1,000,000 weekly salary and substantial achievement bonuses. After being linked frequently to Real Madrid, Mbappe extended his deal at PSG inside the spring.