Donald Trump’s Interaction Must Be Restricted

donald trump

The Manhattan prosecutors have asked a judge to restrict former president Donald Trump’s interaction with the media and public.

He was previously proven as a tattletale. He has a tendency to discuss his legal matters with the public. He never hides anything that has bothered him on an official level. Nevertheless, he never discussed his drawbacks with the media. He pointed out everyone’s faults openly in the media. Behind January 6th capitol attack news was telecasted by fox news when they received a call from him. He denied all the allegations made against him.

Donald Trump Denied Orders Again

After Manhattan prosecutors have asked for further restrictions against Donald Trump. His legal team has denied the consent.

The prosecutor proposed the restriction matter to judges. They wrote about how Donald Trump has harassed witnesses. Publicly called out victims’ names. Triggered their traumas. They Call their wounds fake and they are just trying to seek attention.

The prosecutors have asked for it because he has previously misused those extremely sensitive information. He used them to gain sympathy perhaps from the public. His every attempt to prove himself innocent and godly failed.

Donald Trump has recently been charged with hush money laundering. He was already facing hundreds of charges regarding almost everything. He has denied successfully all of them and has no remorse whatsoever. A woman who was at the wrong place at the wrong time appeared in front of the jury. She has mentioned Donald Trump has been involved in the hush money. Even he gave her money to shut her mouth before the 2016 election. Moreover, she was having an extramarital affair with her. She was exploiting her in every way.