Trump Rally: Conservative Forum Leads To Police Calls

Trump Rally
Trump Rally

The first Trump rally of the year 2022 is expected to be held in Florence, where several Rep. candidates will take the stage as well.

Trump’s appearance Saturday will be his second in the state since leaving office and underscores his continued importance in GOP circles nearly one year after departing the White House. 

Wearing a pink Trump cowboy hat and clutching several “Let’s Go Brandon” hats, Kaia Sisk of Mesa clung to the former president’s every word.

“I love it,” she said.

Florence was Sisk’s third Trump rally. 

“He’s awesome,” Sisk said. “He is funny. I love his personality. He’s fun.”

Jonathan Foright of Washington said Trump’s message Saturday was important and engaging. 

Especially when it comes to protecting Americans and “when he talks about the danger to democracy and our freedom,” Foright said.

“He’s trying to do everything he can to protect that freedom,” he said.

The existential threat to liberty is one of the reasons Foright said he is in the process of moving from the Northwest to Florida.

Flocks Of People Attended The Trump Rally

The Trump rally left people who attended, quite satisfied but when they got back to their cars their mood turned sour. Many people leaving the Trump rally venue had to wait more than an hour before they could exit the dirt parking lots and get on the road.

Former President Donald Trump used his 93-minute remarks at his rally in Florence to give fresh blistering to his usual foils President Joe Biden, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, and the media to the resounding support of the thousands of diehard supporters at Canyon Moon Ranch.

Trump also renewed his grievances and cast his four years in office as a period of unprecedented prosperity and security.

Early in his remarks, which ended at 8:51 p.m., Trump cast Biden’s administration as an unfolding disaster and continued his baseless claims of widespread election fraud in 2020.

“Biden has utterly humiliated our nation,” Trump said, saying that Russia and China’s leaders no longer respect or fear America.

Trump mention in the Trump rally how the past year under Biden has been a “disaster” but said there would be a good political end to the “catastrophe” at the outset of the new year.