Pete Davidson Was Mocked By Kanye West

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson is having the time of his life at the moment. Davidson is presently involved in a romantic relationship with Kim Kardashian. 

Both Kardashian and Davidson have made the relationship public. The rumors of the couple dating were fueled months ago. Kardashian was spotted numerous times coming out of Pete’s condominium. 

The couple has recently spent a romantic vacation abroad. Kardashian shared adorable pictures from their vacation on Instagram. Kardashian has also expressed her happiness after finding Pete as her partner. 

All these developments did not seem to please Kanye West. West was the previous husband of Kim. Both the stars were involved in a romantic relationship for quite some time. 

Eventually, they decided to get married. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. After the initial days, their relationship soon became a reason for concern. 

Thus, Kim decided to get separated. Kanye however, did not seem to have moved over Kardashian. He had publicly asked Kim to mend things with him. 

Recent video footage of Kanye’s song has been leaked. The footage portrays the rapper mocking Pete Davidson. A number of cuss words were hurled at Pete. 

Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Pete Davidson Laughs Off Kanye’s DissTrack 

The track even threatens to manhandle Davidson. However, Davidson did not seem to pay much attention. Pete Davidson has taken the mock in good humor. 

Davidson was approached by the media as soon as the footage was leaked. Pete laughed it off and stated that he was okay with it. 

Davidson also said that it felt funny and he had nothing against Kanye West. Pete disclosed that he was ready for such an incident from Kanye as he was dating his ex. 

Pete Davidson said that there was no personal rift between him and West. He also expressed his respect towards the rapper. 

Pete states that West was still the father to Kim’s children. This was enough reason for Davidson not to fight Kanye.