Trump Announces Christmas Eve Federal Holiday By Executive Order

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Electoral College Vote

Federal employees will get a holiday on 24th December. According to President Trump’s executive order, there will be a Christmas Eve federal holiday this year in the U.S.Friday’s executive order states that all federal agencies and executive departments shall excuse their employees and shall remain closed on Thursday,24th December 2020.

Exceptions In The Christmas Eve Federal Holiday

However, there is an exception mentioned in this executive order. The chiefs of agencies and executive departments may determine which installations and offices of the organizations or some parts of it mustn’t remain closed. They can also determine which employees will be needed for working on this day for various reasons of public need, defense, or national security.

With this Christmas Eve Federal holiday, federal workers get a total of four days’ weekend fo celebrating the holiday. Earlier reports indicated that President Trump will give the federal employees half a day off on Thursday because that is exactly what President Clinton and President Obama did at the time when Christmas was on a Friday. However, President Trump’s decision to issue the executive order declaring Christmas Eve a federal holiday is not the first time he is doing that. We have seen similar actions from President Trump in 2019 and 2018.

There are just ten federal holidays in the U.S. officially but presidents can grant federal employees holidays by signing executive orders. Seeing this recent order that marks Trump’s last White House Christmas, many people are wondering why he didn’t declare Election Day as another federal holiday.

One person tagged President-elect Biden and tweeted about making Election Day another federal holiday too. It has been long overdue so he pleaded for declaring it as a holiday in 2021. For private-sector employees, federal holidays don’t necessarily mean a day off because businesses are not legally bound to observe one holiday.