Trumpworld Is Trying On Damage Control Mode

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Trumpworld is scrambling to limit the consequences of Trump’s support for Oz.

The right has reacted angrily to Donald Trump‘s recent endorsement of Dr. Mehmet Oz in the Republican primary for US Senate in Pennsylvania. “This endorsement could divide MAGA in the only way that matters: he could lose America First conservatives over it,” Breitbart’s Joel Pollack wrote. There is no evidence of widespread election fraud in the Pennsylvania 2020 results — or anywhere else in the last presidential election for that matter.” For the greater part of a year, Republicans in the state legislature have been auditing the election results with taxpayer money.

Trumpworld Lawyers Are Trying To Save Trump From Oz Backlash

That will have to wait and see. A frontal assault on Trump will not succeed. Everyone in the Republican Party who has attempted to do so has failed miserably.

Trumpworld, on the other hand, may be exposed to a certain type of flanking operation. And the recent barrage of criticism may hint at how that strategy may be carried out.

These detractors, on the other hand, don’t see what connects Trump with Oz. Both are coldly calculated persons who are driven by what is best for their fortunes, whether financial, professional, or political, rather than political philosophy.

This type of language isn’t new among regular Trump supporters obsessed with the 2020 race. He’s made election denial into a litmus test for his followers in the months following the 2020 election. Not only will you not obtain Trump’s endorsement unless you are ready to declare — against the evidence — that the election was stolen from him, but he may well attack you, as McSwain is experiencing. According to sources familiar with the campaign’s operations, other major Trumpworld surrogates are expected to join Oz on the trail shortly, indicating the breadth of his MAGA support.

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