American Horror Story Review

American Horror Story
American Horror Story

American Horror Story is expected to be a huge hit this season. It contains all the elements of making it big. The previous season was a bit of a let-off, however, this season seems to be on point. The latest season of the show was hyped up greatly by the fans. The much-fancied show has finally premiered. The show is titled “American Horror Story: Double Feature”. It was premiered in two parts. Wednesday night saw all the horror film enthusiasts stay wide awake. The show is created by Ryan Murphy. Let us analyze whether the latest season will fulfilling the expectation or not.

American Horror Story Expected To Be A Huge Success

It is said that morning shows the day. If initial impressions are to be trusted, the latest Murphy show will be a massive hit. The Double Feature seems to have gone back to the basics. The previous season was not so well executed. It had a cold reaction from the fans. However, this season, all the prayers seem to have been answered. 

The show was presented with a very polished outlook. The sleek cinematography, element of shock, and horror were in perfect balance. The story opens with a screenwriter, struggling to make a living. He was named Harry Gardener. Harry and his better half, Doris moved into Provincetown. They also had their daughter Alma with them. Alma was the first one to sense trouble with their new home. She stated clearly that the house gave a chilly and haunted vibe. 

American Horror Story: Double Feature addresses the element of horror beautifully. The creepy occurring became regular in the house. Soon all of the members started to get possessed by some kind of entity. Strange bald individuals kept haunting the family. Alma was the initial target. The first two episodes have been released so far. Let us wait and watch if the latest season turns out to be big.