States Move Ahead With Stimulus Checks 2022: How Much Could You Get?

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The pandemic caused economic havoc across the world and the US was among the worst affected. And more than two years down the line, it continues to affect the lives of millions as the economy is still to settle down to an even keel. The federal stimulus checks were a big help along with the various other measures that helped keep businesses afloat and provided food on the table for many Americans. But with federal support waning, it is up to the states to step in.

Many Americans are hoping for another round of direct stimulus checks. But there is no way the Biden administration will repeat the largesse of 2021 given that there is the realization that the payments were in part responsible for the record inflation.

Several States Have Stepped Into This Gap And Are Issues Stimulus Checks From Their Surplus Budget

California has already issued two rounds of stimulus checks and has declared the biggest stimulus payment in this round too. Families could get as much as $1,050 for inflation relief, revealed Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Maine has already initiated the process of sending a $1,700 stimulus check to families and half that to individuals who qualify based on the adjusted gross income.

Residents of Oregon who can produce or work during the pandemic and claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit from the state on their 2020 returns will receive a $600 stimulus check. Individuals who have been a resident for 6 months will benefit from this payment.

Residents of Delaware will receive a $300 stimulus check if they have filed their 2020 returns while couples filing jointly will get double that.

New Jersey is sending a one-off $500 check to 1M residents. It had sent the same amount in 2021. This payment will benefit residents who use a social security number to file state income tax numbers instead of a tax identification number.

New Mexico has already approved sending a $250 check for 3 months.