TWICE Has A Lot To Talk About


The k-pop group of nine young aspiring women TWICE has recently completed their fourth world tour. Which included US, Japan, and Korea. And their newest release is totally based on the experiences they gathered during the tour, each of the members had a lot of contributions, their separate and different experiences to this new song. A huge part of their life is attached to this, and none of them can’t stop gushing about it.

TWICE Is Doubled With Excitement

With their last single in 2021, The Feels was an immediate success. Which is also based on their tours, a specific night is conveyed in the song.TWICE started their pop band in 2015, and since then they have come a long way. With BTS and Blackpink, they went unrecognized for a long time. But was always there with their symphonic tune and lyrics. And TWICE are planning to come up with a surprise, their fans have inspired them so much, they were unable to turn their demand.

They are thinking about another tour in California. The new song Moonlight Sunrise came from the tour, they performed under the moonlit night.TWICE’s song composer was also present that night, the group performed so well and took care of little things, inspiring the composer as well to write this song. This one is a little upbeat song but has a significant value to it. The song itself elaborates on the experienced they had during the tour.

Last year was a significant year for TWICE, they got to perform after a bunch of canceled shows because of covid and the lockdown.TWICE is planning to hit European countries for their next tour, as Covid didn’t let that happen for the last two to three years. The rising of TWICE has always been fan-based, fans played a huge role with their energy and enthusiasm. Though it has been a challenging task, as none of them is a fluent English speaker, all of their songs are in English including the most viral one and the recent release.