Donald Trump’s Act Of Innocence Can’t Be Bought Again

Donald Trump

There are a bunch of charges against Donald Trump, which are a clear indication of imprisonment. According to the United States, law one is innocent until proven guilty. And there are hundreds of cases going on against him. Including the 6th January Capitol Attack and docu-series.And now he is desperate to prove himself innocent of anything almost. Always cooking something behind the scenes, and delaying trials and hearing.

Donald Trump Couldn’t Identify His Own Wife

 He mistakes his wife with E.Jean Carroll, who supposedly pressed charges against him. Donald Trump raped her during the time when they were working together in a department store in new york. Whom he has mistaken for his ex-wife Marla, revealed in the newly discovered transcript. He putting up the act of not knowing the women. And further clarified the woman in the photo is his ex-wife. The photo where E.Jean Carroll and her husband shaking hands with Donald Trump accompanied by his wife. Carroll is not even remotely similar to Marla.

E.Jean Carroll filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump in 2019, and again in November 2022, when the Newyork passed the new law for sexually assaulted victims even after years of the main incident. The law’s main motive was to encourage those victims who have been holding and suppressing the damage for a long time.

Donald Trump previously reiterated with such comments like ‘he doesn’t know her’.And humiliated her by saying things like she is not his ‘type’.Which was a lawfully incorrect statement. When further being asked in court he has denied any kind of questions related to women, he hasn’t touched any women and things like that.

When Carroll’s attorney asked Donald Trump if he has ever tried to force any woman to engage with him sexually, he denied it, and in his defense further added there are some people who are lying just like her client to get ‘attention’.