Muhammad Ali’s Grandson Begins Professional Boxing With A Winning Bout

Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali’s grandson, Nico Ali Walsh, takes his first step towards continuing the legacy of the greatest boxer of all time and wins his first professional debut. Walsh sported a pair of white trunks that belonged to Muhammad Ali, his grandfather. He won his bout against his opponent, Jordan Weeks, in the first round itself. 

Walsh took to Instagram saying that he hopes to be able to carry the history left behind by Muhammad Ali, and strives to improve himself even further in his next fights. He thanked everyone who stood by in his support and mentioned that wearing the boxers owned by Ali, he felt his grandfather was with him in the ring. 

Muhammad Ali is regarded as the greatest boxer of all time and owns three heavy-weight titles of being a champion. He passed away in 2016 after a long fight with Parkinson’s. Among his nine children, his daughter Laila, went ahead to become the world champion in boxing, just like him. Walsh is the son of Rasheeda, one of the daughters of Ali. Walsh claimed in an interview that Muhammad Ali has always been on his mind, no matter whatever sport he participated in.

Muhammad Ali And His Legacy

According to Walsh, it is of tremendous pressure when someone is expected to fill the shoes of someones as great as Muhammad Ali. However, he stated that it is something that cannot be escaped and must be embraced, which he has already started doing. He also stated that embracing destiny has been making him stronger and he strives to achieve his goal of carrying his grandfather’s legacy forward.

According to sources, the performances by Walsh have been nothing short of impressive and it would surely have made his grandfather proud. His style of play and his motion in the ring is significantly influenced by Ali, which is only natural because of his lineage.