Proud Boys To Attend The Upcoming Capitol Event

Proud Boys
Proud Boys

Sources have confirmed that Proud Boys, the far-right neo-fascists, as well as another extremist group, Oath Keepers, will be attending a rally that will be held at the Capitol in the United States of America. The event is to be held on the 18th of September. The event is carried out in order to ask “justice” to the authorities for those who were charged for committing violence on the 6th of January. Several people had to face legal charges for the violence that they carried on that day.

Proud Boys’ Agenda

The sources of the intelligence that age out the news is based on two most used social media sites by far-right wings like the Proud Boys. The sites in question are Gab and Parler. One of the sources from the US Congress as well as the federal law gave a report on the plan that was made for the event that is to be attended by the Proud Boys and other groups alike.

It was stated that the Sergeant of Arms of the House as well as the leadership of Capitol police had a talk on the 1st of September with regard to the event. Both the Metropolitan Police of the DC as well as the Capitol Police will try their best to take control of the protest. However, as of now, it has been stated that not many people will be attending the protest.  

As per the reports provided by the intelligence, it has been stated that the event at the Capitol will only be attended by some 500 people including the “Proud Boys” members. The minimum number of people expected is 300. A few members of the US Congress have also been invited, although nobody knows if they will be present or not.