Two men in Georgia drank disinfectants in efforts to prevent COVID-19, officials say

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has reported the demise of two men in Georgia owing to the intake of household chemical disinfectants to safeguard themselves from the novel coronavirus infection. 

The deceased men had reportedly suffered from psychological problems in the past. Medical expert suggests psych history could have been a reason for their actions.

The director of the Georgia Poison Center, Gaylord Lopez, informed that one of the men had ingested 16 ounces of bleach to prevent himself from catching Covid-19. 

Another man lost his life after swallowing an assorted drink of Pine-sol, pain medication, beer, and mouthwash. 

Unclear If Trump’s Disinfectant Remark Caused Death

Director Lopez said that it was still unclear whether they pulled this stunt after hearing the President’s remark on disinfectants last week. 

He added, “We don’t ask the question of, was it because they watched a TV show?”  

Clearing his stand, he further said that the President’s remark on disinfectants as a possible treatment option was widely misinterpreted by the public. 

Lopez claimed that the majority of the incidents occurred due to “product-mixing”. He added, “When you mix bleach with certain types of chemicals, you produce a reaction that can cause release of noxious and toxic gases, and if you inhale enough of this stuff, you can induce a chemical pneumonia.”

President Trump, in a press conference last week mentioned the possibility of using disinfectants to eradicate the virus from one’s body. Many raised concerns over the remarks as the statement lacked any medical research. 

President Trump has since then retraced his steps and claimed that it was only a sarcastic comment. Unfortunately, reports suggest, his comment continues to have an impact on the nation as there has been a recent surge in disinfectant poisoning. 

CDC reported that calls to Poison Control Centers have increased after the President’s remarks. They noted a 20% rise in disinfectant exposure this year compared to the previous year.



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