Tyson Fury Is All Set To Fight Francis Ngannou In A Mega-Boxing Event On 28 October

Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury

One of the biggest crossovers in the history of boxing is about to take place on 28th October 2023. This mega fight is scheduled to unfold in Saudi Arabia. Tyson Fury the boxing heavyweight champion is soon going to face Francis Ngannou, another top heavyweight fighter. 

This massive match will be happening in MMA (mixed martial arts) which will be a bout of boxing tournament. This is clearly one of the most anticipated contests in boxing history. It has been known that this fight will be held under all professional boxing rules and regulations. 

Mega Boxing Clash Between Tyson Fury And Francis Ngannou 

The biggest boxing crossover has been announced to take place on 28th October in Saudi Arabia on 11th July, Tuesday. There have been months of speculation over this highly anticipated contest. Ngannou had already announced his departure from the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). As already known that the UFC is easily one of the leading promotions for MMA all over the world. 

Tyson Vs Ngannou In MMA 

Tyson Fury’s team has stated that this contest will be presided over by 3 judges on the ringside. This contest is further going to follow the system of 10 points. The team has also mentioned that the fight is scheduled to happen in Riyadh. Nonetheless, the number of rounds is yet to be finalized. 

Tyson Fury is also referred to as the “Gypsy King” and shared that Ngannou is a hard puncher but he is eagerly looking forward to this fight. Ngannou also built a huge reputation as a good puncher by lifting the UFC championship trophy. He also said that is thrilled about this face-off as he always wants to fight the best in the ring.