Tim Gionet, Aka “Baked Alaska” Arrested For Involvement In Capitol Hill Riots

Baked Alaska
Baked Alaska

Tim Gionet, a far-right activist who calls himself “Baked Alaska” was arrested by the FBI yesterday. He was found to be one of the “insurrectionists” at the Capitol Hill Riots that happened on January 6th, 2021.

A law enforcement official mentioned that the cause of Baked Alaska’s arrest was his involvement in the Capitol Hill Riots. He further mentioned anonymously that he is not authorized to discuss the matter openly until the FBI comes with an official charge-sheet.

The 6th January Riots were something like the nation had not seen before. Millions of Trump supporters stormed inside the gates of Capitol Hill where the final declaration of Biden’s win was to be made by the Electoral College. The mayhem caused by the insurrectionists, as some are calling them, caused the death of 5 and injured several others.

Tim Baked Alaska Gionet Identified Himself As A Media Personality While Entering The Capitol

Baked Alaska, one of the violent activists leading people into the restricted building has been arrested on the grounds of disorderly and violent conduct on the grounds of Capitol Hill. Further investigation is being conducted against the far-right media personality, Baked Alaska.

Nicole Miller, a FBI Special Agent filed an affidavit against the offender that mentions that Baked Alaska was steaming live from inside Capitol Hill for 27 minutes. During this time, he has been heard provoking and encouraging other activists. When he was inside the building and stopped by law enforcement officials, he said that he was a member of the press.

Tim Gionet (Baked Alaska) has also featured in videos of “Make America Great Again”. On January 6, he had taken several other videos of protestors marching into the Capitol and selfies with several law enforcement officers. Till now, there have been 100 federal cases against the insurrectionists of January 6.