Adele Cries As She Postpones Her Concert


Adele is one of the most prominent musicians in the music business, and her sixth studio album, 30 (released in 2021), was a huge success. Weekends With Adele, her live performance, has recently made headlines. It was meant to begin this week, but the ongoing epidemic has had a significant impact on the singer’s crew. She rushed to Instagram to announce the postponement of her residency, and she was incredibly upset and distraught as she explained the issue.

Adele previously made headlines when she disclosed shocking information about her divorce from Simon Konecki. Her new record also discusses her previous relationship. Since their debut, songs like Easy on Me and Strangers By Nature have already smashed countless records. Her weight reduction journey has also sparked a lot of conversation on social media, motivating hundreds of individuals to get active and healthy.

Adele Fans Paid Upto $30K

In the most recent development, Adele stated on Instagram in an emotional video that her live concert had been postponed indefinitely. In the video, she sobbed as she apologized to those who had purchased the tickets.

Fans from all over the world, including the United Kingdom, have already gone to Las Vegas for the premiere show, spending between $85 and $12,000 for a ticket – or up to $30,000 on the black market.

However, with only 24 hours to go, the British actress, 33, canceled her whole 24-night engagement, which was set to pay her $685,000 (£500,000) each performance before merchandising – a Vegas record. The singer sparked outrage when she was forced to cancel her last tour appearances at Wembley Stadium in London at the last minute due to vocal cord damage. It took almost four years to reorganize them.

The artist also guaranteed that the performance will go place soon and stated that they are working on rescheduling.

Adele’s post was supported by a few people. However, the others were highly critical of the last-minute announcement. Some people even stated that they would want to resale the tickets once the new timetable is published, demonstrating their dissatisfaction with the entire situation.