Cleveland Guardians: New Name Is Announced (2021)

Cleveland Guardians
Cleveland Guardians

The baseball team from Cleveland named the Guardians will begin their upcoming season with more vigor. The previous name had a tinge of racial insensitivity and the management had chosen to abandon its old name.

How Cleveland Guardians Revealed Their New Identity

Tom Hanks presented the team’s new identity in a well-made video over Twitter. The video lasted for 2 minutes and was also assisted by the Black Keys. The video portrayed beautiful scenes and landmarks from Cleveland and a few highlights of the baseball heritage.

The scenes included clips of Frank Robinson who was the Hall of Famer, becoming the first manager in the MLB who was Black. He took charge of the team in 1975.

The video unraveled the new logo of the team which was a “G” with wings. The video pays its respects to the Hope Bridge and its “Guardians”. The colors of the team are still white, navy blue, and red. 

The announcement came after a month of involvement with the fans as well as the leaders of the community. They generated a list of potential names but chose one, out of the 1,198 ones. 

Terry Francona, who is the current manager, promised to be the best organization in Cleveland and unite everyone under the same banner. Terry’s father was Tito, who played for Cleveland for 15 odd seasons, as an outfielder. Terry was to be respectful to as many communities as he can and chose to let go of the old Cleveland name.

The Cleveland Guardians were registered as the Cleveland Indians previously and had won the American League on 6 occasions. They had also won 2 World Series. The Cleveland Guardians chose to change their moniker after the Washington team did the same.

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