Understanding the Advantages of Learning Management Automation

Learning Management Automation
Learning Management Automation

Ongoing training is an important practice for almost every business or in every organization. Whether we are thinking about continuing training to maintain the employee career development, professional designation, or training by HR, every company will have some room for improvement. Although, not every learning management system provides the same advantages. Totara LMS is transforming the employee engagement with adaptable LMS. LXP, and performance management features.

the Advantages of Learning Management Automation

If you are still onto an outdated system, where you manually track and complete courses, then you are cheating yourself and the organization. Learning management automation via LMS offers some quite important benefits that you should consider. What exactly learning management automation is? How does it work and why do you need to consider it? Let us discuss the answers to these questions.

Tracking and monitoring

One of the most arduous tasks using a traditional or old LMS is tracking employee performance. Tracking learners completion and compliance is important for organizational training to understand where does each participant stand? How well do they perform? Did they excel the training or did their performance was not upto the mark? 

With the help of learning management automation, you are able to access all the information regarding employee performance. From employees completion to scores, and pass rate, all the details are automatically stored in data files. It allows direct access through charts, graphs, and reports. This makes it less challenging for team leaders, trainers, and HR within the company to make sure the learning and development process is successfully pulled off. 

Real-time reporting

In a traditional learning system, you should wait after completion to see how an employee performed. Although, an LMS with automation feature allows you to enjoy the real-time auditing. You can track a learner’s progress accurately and dig deeper through the real-time reporting. This makes it easier to depict any issues before it’s too late and saves a lot of time. 

Never miss ongoing training

A lot of industries need ongoing training. It may be to stay docile with norms, or it could be to make sure the employee is updated with skills and knowledge. Although, it can be a pretty challenging process to track the ongoing needs in a system handle manually. Learning management automation automatically allows records and notifies if the training is needed. Ongoing or retraining can be scheduled with just a click of mouse and the employees get notification for their training automatically. 

Reduced time and costs

How much time does your company investment tracking and monitoring training progress? How much money do those hours cost? What would you have done with that time and money if it weren’t wasted on tracking and monitoring? Learning management automation enables to reduce the time as well as cost needed to record, monitor, track, audit, and other related tasks. These resources can be put into activities that will help your company to thrive and grow. 

Find the right LMS

It is vital to understand that learning management automation is available only via the right platform. You will be required to select an LMS. Such eLearning tools offer a one stop for all to learn and train, track audit, monitoring, and more. Although there are various learning management systems in the market, they are different in the features and tools provided. Making the right decision is very important. 


We believe that you have understood the benefits of learning management automation for your organization, even for your employees. From establishing the training process to making sure that you are always updated with conformity on regulations and also providing anytime and anywhere learning possibility, the right LMS is an asset for your organization.