Unmasking Russell Simmons

russell simmons

He was already drowned in multiple allegations from multiple women. But this Father’s Day was perhaps the worse of all. Russell Simmons has already been accused of sexual misconduct by several women. Recently his wife and daughter have taken the social media to unmask his real face and character. He is equally abusive in the house. He has abused his daughter and wife verbally. They perhaps felt the need to discuss the nasty business inside the door of the Simmons openly on social media.

A mother stood for her daughter. Aoki has suffered from her dad’s excessive cursing and screaming. She has been traumatized over the years.

Russell Simmons Is At Odds With In And Outside Women Companions

Kimora Lee Simmons has taken Instagram as a platform to defame her husband and bring the truth to the world. And she has been successful. She has shared a bunch of screenshots of conversations between her daughter Aoki and Russell Simmons happened.

Kimora Lee Simmons wrote about how he has been dealing with women all his life, inside and outside. He precisely has been threatening and manipulating women for his sole purpose. Russell Simmons never cared for his family. One way or another, he has always found distractions outside. Temptation has been so strong that he often prioritized his outside world more than family.

He has repeatedly threatened and lied to his family, traumatizing his daughter.

Simmons’s family broil is young and familiar. However, Russell Simmons has said he has been frustrated and yelled at people on various occasions. Many ex-partners of his have come forward with stories mentioning how he has been violent with them.

Not only has Russell Simmons been affected by the charges, but his friends and family have been equally dealing with trauma daily. They had to relive all the traumas Russell had caused during the trials.

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