US Fighter Jet Shot Down Rumoured Alaska UFO; Probes Continue

US Fighter Jet
US Fighter Jet

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, stated on Saturday, 11th February, that they had detected an unidentified object in the Alaskan sky. The US Fighter Jet took action by shooting it down after he gave the orders. 

Trudeau mentioned that the unidentified object had entered Canadian airspace without permission and posed a threat. As a result, the US Fighter Jet named NORADCommand shot the object down over Yukon. The US and Canadian aircraft scrambled and eventually, the US F-22 fired at the object successfully. This was shared through Trudeau’s official Twitter account. 

The Unidentified Flying Object Shot By US Fighter Jet 

The unidentified object appeared to be the shape of a cylinder and was smaller in size compared to the balloon suspected to be a Chinese spy object that was also shot down the previous weekend. Anita Anand, Defense Minister of Canada, shared these details yesterday evening. 

The White House also corroborated on Saturday that Joe Biden, US President, in collaboration with Trudeau authorized the shooting of the rumored UFO. The Pentagon also said that the object was sighted at first over Alaska before being shot down. 

Further Details Of The Unidentified Object Awaited 

Trudeau said this operation was executed successfully with the US Fighter Jet. It must also be noted that this is the 3rd time within a week that the US air forces have shot down suspicious objects flying within their territory. The incident on Saturday was swiftly followed by another shooting down of an unidentified object. 

The suspected surveillance balloon from China was shot down on 4th February by the US Fighter Jet F-22. Although both objects have not been claimed by any individual, state, or corporate, probes are still ongoing. The Northern Command of the US stated that are doing a recovery and search operation.