Kevin McCarthy Urges The President To Express Regret For Attacking Trump And His Fascist Ideology

Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a staunch Trump loyalist, has called upon President Biden to express regret for his ‘semi-fascist’ reference to disgraced former president Trump. He has urged Biden to apologize on a prime-time slot for calling the extremist MAGA philosophy as being semi-fascist.

In a rebuttal speech to the planned address by President Biden from Scranton, Pennsylvania, Kevin McCarthy said that Biden had decided to demean, divide, and disparage Americans who disagreed with Trump’s philosophy. He said that it was not leadership.

Kevin McCarthy further said that when President Biden makes his speech, he should first apologize for his slander against millions by referring to them as fascists.

President Biden is set for a speech at prime time in Philadelphia. He is expected to step up the attack on MAGA elements who are dragging the country backward.

During last week’s fundraiser where he made the strongly worded speech, Biden spoke of extreme MAGA supporters within the Republican wings who were aligned with Trump and were semi-fascist.

Kevin McCarthy Eyeing Speaker’s Chair

Biden’s speech comes even as the midterm campaigning goes into top gear. Kevin McCarthy has thrown himself into the deep end as he fights to reach the Speaker’s chair.

But the Republicans have tempered their expectations since last year when they were on a high. The Democrats have sensed a change in the political environment over the past few weeks and a rise in enthusiasm and support from voters.

During normal times, the midterms are a vote on the party holding power. But the Democrats have moved to frame the 2022 midterms as a choice between the Democratic Party and the fascist philosophy of Donald Trump’s followers.

But Kevin McCarthy in his speech has sought to frame the fight as one against a total Democratic grip on Washington. He said that the Democrats were in control of every aspect of governance from law enforcement, education, border security, and Homeland Security. He said that many Americans have not seen any improvement since the Democrats came to power.