Dave Grohl’s New Book Reveals Confusion Surrounding Kurt Cobain’s Death

dave grohl
dave grohl

Dave Grohl was mistakenly informed that Kurt Cobain had died almost a month before the singer’s real death. Grohl’s new memoir recounts how had to suffer the terrible news regarding his bandmate in Nirvana two times.

Dave Grohl’s Profound Sadness

Dave Grohl, the popular rocker, tells his readers of the ordeal that he had to go through on 3rd March 1994. He had received a call that night that Cobain had died due to overdosing at a hotel in Rome.

On Tuesday, 52-year-old Dave Grohl’s book was released. He writes that his knees had given out on receiving the news, and dropped his phone. He had immediately started crying. He recalled the memories of Kobain being a young shy man who had given him an apple when they had first met. Grohl thought of Kobain as the introverted, quiet roommate and a loving father. An unimaginable profound sadness took hold of him.

However, it was soon broken as Dave Grohl received another call soon afterward. It stated that Kurt Cobain was alive and he will survive. It all happened in 5 minutes. In that span, Grohl admitted to going from his life’s darkest point to being reborn.

But this relief soon came to an end as well. About 30 days later, Dave Grohl received the news of Kurt Cobain’s suicide on 8th April. Police had claimed that Cobain had died on 5th April due to shooting himself in the head.

Dave Grohl writes that there was no follow-up phone call informing him that Cobain was actually alive. The tragedy was final at that time. Having to lose his bandmate two times in the span of about a month made it difficult for Grohl to properly grieve. For days, the pain was stuck within him.