How Bobby Finke Turned The Tables!

Bobby Finke
Bobby Finke

Bobby Finke, the American swimmer and a contestant of the Olympics, won a gold medal turning the tables. The position of the country was far from first, yet the swimmer managed to bag the winning trophy. The match took place on the 29th of July, Thursday. The final competition was a freestyle race of 800 m. 

Bobby Finke Took Over Gregorio

This is the first time the athlete has ever achieved an Olympic medal. It is also to be noted that the Tokyo Olympics is also the first Olympics he has ever participated in. The race that took place this Thursday was the debut match of the event.

Bobby Finke set a new American record at the game. He completed his task in the time span of 7:41.87. The country that achieved the silver medal was Italy. It was earned by Gregorio Paltrinieri. The 26-year-old Italian swimmer led about more than 50% of the entire game. The distance of the race was about half-mile. 

The country that earned the third position is Ukraine. The name of the Bronze medalist player is Mykhailo Romanchuk. Gregorio Paltinieri who lost to Bobby Finke is the champion of the 2016 Olympic games. He was actually winning over the gold medalist by almost two seconds. This had been the case in the 300m race.

However, a little later, it was almost impossible for him to take the lead. The 21-year-old American swimmer is the second such athlete who won the gold medal at the Olympics even after participating in the event for the first time. Bobby Finke stated that he was extremely happy and excited about his win and it meant so much to him.  He also stated that he had earned the medal for his entire team members.