USWNT Gets Its Unbeaten Streak Snapped By Sweden!


USWNT has managed to remain unbeaten for a long time, for 44 games. This unbeaten streak of USWNT was broken by Sweden. This is certainly raising questions regarding the American soccer team. There were a lot of tactical mistakes on the part of the American team. They were not great in holding possession, they got outplayed from the beginning to the finish and there was very little production and gameplay from the midfielders. 

Sweden Completely Dominates Their Opening Game Against USWNT!

On Wednesday, the American team lost their opener 3-0 to the Swedish side. Sweden dominated the entire game, putting a massive amount of pressure on the American team. This is a very rare thing to happen to the USWNT! After the match, Megan Rapinoe talked about how every player of the American team got their asses kicked. Sten Blackstenius, the striker of Sweden, scored the first goal of the match within 25 minutes. Then she managed to add another one inside the stroke of 54 minutes with an amazing corner kick. In minute 72, USWNT got further insulted with a scoring header from Lina Hurtig, midfielder. All of this made the American team look awful and like fools. 

Everyone predicted the American team to win gold in this Olympics. They are the heavy favorites. They won seven games in a row to lift the World Cup of 2019. However, this loss in their opening game doesn’t mean that the Americans cannot win gold and be the champions of the Olympics. But this loss certainly leaves them in a situation where they cannot afford to make mistakes anymore. The USWNT needs to be inside the top two positions of the table if they want to play the quarterfinals. From the quarter-final stage, every game becomes a knockout game with no place for mistakes.

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