United States Drubbed Cuba As They Set Up A Chance To Repeat As Champions

united states
united states

The United States team is only a win away from becoming a Champion in the world cup of Baseball after they defeated Cuba. With a semifinal victory against the Cuban team on Sunday night the USA team has qualified for the finals of the tournament in two consecutive times.

With the 14-2 win in the semifinal against their rivals on last weekend, USA is now in the finals. United States will now be watching the other semifinal game between Japan and Mexico on Monday to see who their opponents will be in the finals.

However, winning a World Cup back to back two times is a inhuman task and only Japan has done it in baseball since the start of the competition. Now with Japan having a chance to qualify for the finals this year, United States will not have an easy game by any means this year.

United States Defeated Cuba To Appear In World Cup Baseball Finals

Manager Mark DeRosa said that the opponent had a great bat swing and they had a lot of fun playing together. He said that he was shocked to see how the players controlled their strike zone. The lopsided victory of the United States came with the offensive power and efficient pitching.

Trea Turner is in great form in this tournament. The player became the second to connect multi-homeruns in a game for the United States. He has now joined his hitting coach and hall of famer Ken Griffey Jr.

Turner when asked said that he is not sure if his coach knows this. However, he wants to talk to the coach about this feat in training later. He said that this will be great fun for him.