Stimulus Check Arrives Soon In El Monte County

stimulus check

These checks are worth nothing less than a Christmas present in California El Monte County. Like other counties in the states, El Monte brought $500 worth of monthly stimulus check for the selected residents.

All the payments will be made via debit card in the mail. Nearly 302 selected and eligible candidates will be benefited from these checks. They have been selected from 1000 applicants. The checks are soon to be distributed, from 30th July. The program initially resumes on 1st July. 1st July falls on Saturday thus, starting from Friday.

Stimulus Check Program In El Monte Designed To Help Mothers

Since the pandemic started, single mothers have been the ones who suffered the most. Thus, the local authority has developed a specific program for all the families in need with children.

Suppose you are a single household female with no partner or spouse. You are the family’s breadwinner and have one child aged between 17. You are eligible for this stimulus check.

This stimulus check program will dissolve by 31st May 2024.

Starting June 30th, all the eligible candidates will receive this $500 worth of stimulus check to support their families.

The debit card has been distributed, and given all the information on how and when to activate them. Residents who attended the community hall meeting last week know the rules.

You need to provide your financial statements, a proof of how you have been affected by the pandemic since 2020. And an identity proof of you as a resident of El Monte. A permanent resident card is required to apply for this stimulus check. The application process started in March and ended by 15th April. The selection procedure was done by the end of April. And all the eligible candidates received their acceptance letters.