Dolly Parton Recreated Her PlayBoy Cover Of 1978 For Carl Thomas!

dolly parton
dolly parton

Dolly Parton finally ends up recreating her playboy cover of 1978 for Carl Thomas, her husband. Dolly Parton took this step in honor of her husband’s birthday. Carl Dean and Dolly have been a married couple since 1966. Parton is giving something really special this year to Carl Dean on his birthday. 

Dolly Parton Gives His Husband Something Special On His Birthday!

On Tuesday. The legend of country music revealed how she has ended up recreating her cover of the Playboy Magazine of 1978. She has recreated this new look in a photoshoot. This photoshoot is a present for her husband, Carl Dean. Her husband and she have been married for more than five decades. Dolly is now 75 years old.

In that video which is now posted on her accounts on social media, she was wearing a bustier of black color, bunny ears with a bow tie, and matching gloves. At the beginning of the clip, she explained her outfit as a gift for her husband’s birthday. Then she reminded her fans of the time when she promised to be on the cover of the magazine once she turns 75. 

Now she is 75 years old but there is no magazine anymore. However, her husband always used to love the original Playboy cover. Dolly Parton continued that she is always looking for ways to make her husband happy. Even after fifty-seven years, her husband thinks that Dolly Parton is a very hot chick. Dolly Parton also added how she will never try to talk her husband out of this! At the end of the video, Dolly can be seen surprising her husband with her new issue of Playboy magazine! There was a recreation of this iconic cover framed alongside the new issue!