Utah Jazz vs Clippers Score And Takeaways!

Utah Jazz
Utah Jazz

The star of Utah Jazz led his team to victory by dropping 45 points! On the night of Tuesday, in the playoff stage of the NBA Utah Jazz and the LA Clippers capped off. The two sides unleashed one of their best performances for the significant portion of the 2nd half. The fans enjoyed the game as they cheered and greeted the players from the stands. Utah Jazz finally managed to emerge victorious in this clash with a scoreline of 112-109. Jazz has already taken a lead of 1-0 in their seven-match series. 

Mitchell Donovan Shines For Utah Jazz!

There was one Utah player who shined throughout the match. It was Donovan Mitchell. The guard of the NBA All-Star finished the match after scoring 45 points along with three rebounds and five assists. For the Clippers, Kawhi Leonard managed to keep his team in the game by scoring 23 points. However, he couldn’t make his team win by failing to get adequate support from Paul George. Paul George managed to finish with only twenty points. He shot just four out of seventeen from the field. Utah Jazz has a lead of 1-0 after winning this game against the Clippers. 

The 2nd game is scheduled for Thursday. The best record is still being held by Jazz in this season’s NBA. The 45 points scored by Mitchell Donovan were a game-changer. If the LA Clippers play Luke Kennard and Reggie Jackson, this loss shouldn’t come as a surprise for the Clippers. Luka Doncic has kept on his marvelous performance for nearly two years. Mitchell was not only hot shooting. His performance was utter mastery and complete offense. To win game one, Utah Jazz needed this kind of marvelous performance from the guard of the NBA All-Star team, Donovan Mitchell.