The Morning Show Season 2 Is Here!

The Morning Show
The Morning Show

Another season of the show, the American drama series, The Morning Show, is finally here. It stars the two most beloved actors of the Hollywood industry, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. The show is to premiere on the streaming channel, “Apple TV +.” According to the whole script of the show, the two actors carry out the role of TV anchors. The “Legally Blonde” actor and the “Friends”  star are made to compete against each other. And all of these take place within the “MeToo” scandal. 

The Morning Show- Struggles 

Given the condition of the current situation, the writers of “The Morning Show” have tried to make it more relevant this time around. And this has been made possible by including the scenario of the coronavirus pandemic. This is one of the major changes made in the American entertainment show. So the actors will be seen competing against each other over who does better TC anchoring in the said background. The executive producer of the show, Kerry Erwin, gave a statement on the creation of the show. It was stated that the script of the show, The Morning Show, was just getting ready at a time when the coronavirus pandemic first hit the United States of America.

 It was stated that it took almost a year to create the entire story and scenes of the fictional entertainment series. Erwin also stated that she spent almost an entire year inside the “writer’s room” in order to make sure that the stories were properly broken down in each and every scene. Michael Ellenberg, the executive producer of “The Morning Show,” talked about the struggles that the team faced in order to make the show a successful one.      

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