Anthony Davis Out For A Month After Knee Sprain: LA Lakers’ Center Says He Dreaded Major Injury


LA Lakers’ star center Anthony Davis suffered a knee injury even as his team lost to the Timberwolves. He collapsed on his way to the locker room.

Anthony Davis suffered the left knee bruise into the 3rd quarter of the game. He was out the last two games due to knee soreness. He also hurt his ankle but returned in the 1st quarter. The footage revealed Davis collapsing even as trainers tried to help him.

Davis finished his game with 9 points and a rebound in 20 minutes. He is set to undergo an MRI. Sources said that there did not appear to be any structural damage to Anthony Davis’ knee.

Anthony Davis said that it wasn’t just the pain, but the mental anguish also. He says that he reached a stage when it was difficult merely to walk.

Anthony Davis was speaking after spraining the medial ligament in the left knee. He feared that he was in for a long break when he heard something pop. He is thankful that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed in the tunnel.

Anthony Davis Remain Positive For The Team Despite His Injury

His MRI revealed the injury. The next 4 weeks will be spent in rehabilitation before a revaluation, the team had revealed.

Anthony Davis believed he was positive despite the injury. He was out for 36 of the LA Lakers’ 72 games last season. Then it was a strained calf and an Achilles issue. The situation is different now, he feels.

Davis says that he is in a good space mentally. The realization that there wasn’t anything he could do about it keeps him in a good frame of mind.

LA Lakers are in the 7th spot after their loss to the Bulls on Sunday and need Davis at this point. But the 8-time All-Star is confident that the Lakers are doing fine at this stage. It may not be where they wish to be, but then it was not a terrible place, he feels. The Lakers were without 6 key players against the Chicago Bulls.