Vanna White Hopes To Continue Co-Hosting Wheel of Fortune

Vanna White

Vanna White wants to continue competing! 

After Pat Sajak‘s retirement, the 66-year-old co-host of Wheel of Fortune is in talks to extend her contract. And continue hosting the venerable game show, according to information obtained by PEOPLE.

Sajak, however, recently declared that he will leave the program as he prepared to retire. Vanna White will continue to host the game show even though she previously voiced her concerns about not being able to appear on it without Sajak and compared the co-hosting team to Barbie and Ken.  She does have certain requirements of her own, though. 

Vanna White In Talks With Wheel Of Fortune Producers

Vanna makes $10 million each year as a result of the game show. The co-host also makes a fortune by licensing her image to slot machines at casinos; this source of income brings in about $15 million annually. Vanna White performed a few lingerie photos in 1982 before she began hosting Wheel of Fortune in order to raise money. Later, Playboy Magazine purchased the pictures, which were then printed in 1987.

Vanna sued the magazine for $5.2 million and sued Hugh Hefner separately, alleging that the photos were not intended for widespread publication and that they were made public to damage her reputation as a “modest, healthy, appealing, and naive all-American girl.”

Hefner said that the co-host of Wheel of Fortune was informed of the photographs’ publication and intended them to be online at the same time as her memoirs were scheduled for release. A few years later, while a robot was rotating letters on a game show, the Wheel of Fortune host accused Samsung Electronics Corporation of utilizing her likeness without her permission. After leaving Mulholland Estates, Vanna and her ex-husband finally settled in Beverly Park.