Stimulus Check 2023: Which States Are Sending You Checks?

Tax Package Stimulus Check

It appears that the federal government no longer intends to continue giving citizens Stimulus Checks, after doing so frequently throughout the epidemic. However, a few states want to give their citizens Stimulus Checks in 2023.

Which States Are Sending Stimulus Checks?


Depending on your financial situation the Stimulus Check can range from $200 to $1,050. For the requirements, speak with the California Franchise Tax Board. In 2022, California authorized $1,050 in inflation relief checks; the majority of payments were issued previously. However, according to government estimates, 5% of checks won’t be cashed until January 15, 2023. 


75 dollars per family or, in the case of a tie, 12 percent of the tax due to fewer credits, “other” taxes, and expenditures for the first-year return. 10% of the tax owed for 2020, whichever is larger, fewer credits, extra taxes, repayments, and gifts: $300 for everyone else; $600 for married individuals filing jointly; ten percent of the 2019 tax bill.


Residents of Maine who submitted a 2021 tax return by October 31, 2022, and who resided there permanently, will receive a new payment for 2023. The phrase “Winter Energy Relief Payment” is used to describe it.

New Jersey

It will be based on the people’s 2019 income and whether or not they were owners or renters.  


Pennsylvania started paying compensation to elderly tenants, homeowners, and people who are disabled in July 2022, even though the application deadline was December 31, 2022. Payments will continue for qualifying residents who submit their documentation before the cutoff date until 2023.