The Chain Of Vicious American Politics Has To End: Winning Back Some Semblance Of Humanity In The Political System

Vicious American Politics

The American political system is gradually getting caught up in the quagmire of inhumanity. Political partisanship is brutal. And there has been an upsurge in vicious American politics because political parties are becoming weak with each passing term.

We despair every day at the present political scenario. The core philosophy of politics has become rotten. And it has been replaced by a wave of simmering anger that threatens to burst to the fore regularly.

A recent example of vicious American politics is the one involving House Republican Paul Gosar. He must have been pretty unhinged to depict him killing a lady House colleague, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And Gosar even portrayed himself attacking President Biden. And he found the whole thing incredibly funny.

To top it all, Kevin McCarthy even refused to condemn the anime.

Trump’s Refusal To Relinquish Power Is A Prime Instance Of Vicious American Politics 

Vicious American politics reached its depths when the President of America threw a tantrum when he realized that it was time to go. Trump was unwilling to accept that he lost fair and square and every speech he gave made a joke of the American nation.

To top it all, Trump’s belief in the lie, and his subsequent attempts at manipulation, became part of the Republican polity. This depth of vicious American politics thrived for the next few months as state governors, Senators, and House Representatives got caught up in the virus of questioning the results and demanding either a recounting or fresh elections.

Even a year later he continues to relieve the lie. Under these circumstances, it is difficult to believe that even a few years ago, Presidents met up with leaders of the opposition for an after-work drink at the White House. There were bound to be disagreements, but there wasn’t any whiff of the vicious American politics seen today.

It is difficult even to imagine President Biden and Kevin McCarthy sharing a drink, let alone a meal. Vicious American politics resembles two pit bulls let loose, rather than two gentlemen trying to reconcile their political differences in a civil manner.