The best iGames to try with friends 

Tobey Maguire to return in Marvel's Spider-Man 3
Tobey Maguire to return in Marvel's Spider-Man 3

While solo games remain a popular way to pass the time, iGaming has also become popular as a group activity, helping to bring friends closer together. Of course, the dynamics of group gaming have changed a lot from the days of playing board games at your dining room table or crowding your friends around the front room TV to play your favourite console multi-player game. Loads of different games are now available that can be played online, helping to bring people together no matter where they are. To save you from having to look for the best iGames yourself, we have rounded them up for you here.   

The 10 Best iGames to Play with Your Friends Today  

  1. Jackbox. As well as being highly entertaining, Jackbox is easy to learn as well. With the ability to stream or screen share games between devices, everyone accesses the game from their phone web browser. It can also be mirrored to a TV. Once someone has purchased one of six Jackbox party packs, a video chat then starts. Users can use screen sharing, then head to where they then enter a room code to gain access.
  1. The Escape Game. This one is a virtual escape room where players test their puzzle-solving skills. Clues must be followed to escape a computerised room before the time ends, just like you would in real life. Aside from the grown-up version, there are ones suited to kids. Like TEG Unlocked: The Heist or the Harry Potter themed version. 
  2. Tabletopia. Ever wondered if digital versions of your favourite classic board games exist? Well… they do! Tabletopia has available over 900 board games for you to play in your desktop browser on Mac or Windows. It’s also possible to download the game from Google Play, the App Store or Steam. Although you can play with friends, open seats are also available, and aside from the paid silver and gold packages, games are also free with the bronze package.
  1. Houseparty. This is a video chat app, where popular games like Heads Up or Trivia can be played. Although the app is totally free to download, games do have to be paid for, costing between $1 and $3. Eight people can join chats at the same time. Be aware that rumours have circulated about this app being able to hack your Netflix account. Nevertheless, Houseparty themselves claim they haven’t been breached or had data exposed.
  1. Grand Theft Auto V Online. A bestselling title for the gaming industry, players have the chance to complete fifteen hours of adventure-based play, based on the surroundings of Los Angeles. Up to thirty players can play at once, and there are plenty of exciting new additions to the gameplay, not to mention bigger missions on offer as well. The game isn’t suited to children, instead, only mature audiences. It costs $30 on Xbox One, PC or PS4 however it’s available free through an Xbox game pass.


  1. 6. Roulette. It wouldn’t be a complete gaming list without a including an online casino The online casino industry has soared over the last few years with technology advancements allowing providers to release many different classic games all available on a handheld device. Roulette is a popular classic casino game found in many land-based casinos however now it can now be played with all your friends online through a virtual roulette table. So, no need to visit Vegas! You can pick out a mobile casino sites and see how good your casino skills are. Aside from this, it’s a good social activity and a great way to make new friends.
  1. Call of Duty Warzone. This was one of the top games for over a decade and still remains one of the best titles in the industry thanks to the multiplayer gameplay and tight controls. It’s most recent version is titled Warzone using the battle royale format and supports up to 150 players and squads of different sizes. Different versions of Warzone are also available online, and the game is free on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.
  1. DRL Simulator. If you want to go head to head with friends in a thrilling driving game, this online drone racing simulator could be for you! Once downloaded from Steam for $9.99, players have the chance to race against each other in this action-packed game. It’s great for students who are learning from home, who can access DRL Academy free of charge and find out how to build drones and how to fly them.
  1. Final Fantasy XLV: A Realm Re-Born. When it came to the multiplayer online role-play gaming market, World of Warcraft used to take the number one place. However, things have changed, and Final Fantasy has now taken this place. Shadow bringers, it’s most recent expansion which came out less than a year ago, has some of the best gameplay yet. Players can continuously level up throughout play, teaming up in groups of up to eight people. Because a fair amount of reading is required, it’s not one for kids.
  1. Words with Friends 2. Our final recommendation is good for anyone who loves words! In Words with Friends 2, you’ll go head to head with someone as you put together words from the random combinations of letters you’re dealt. The person with the most points wins, although, either way, it’s a great way of putting the mind into action!