Voting Rules Might See Some Imminent Changes

voting rules
voting rules

With just eight months left before the midterms would begin in November, most of the lawmakers- Republican- have been trying to change voting rules. In the 14 states that mostly have Republican lawmakers, there have been around 36 restrictive voting bills pushed through the state legislatures, according to the Voting Rights Lab, a group that had been working to create more access for the ballot. This will be the second year that the Republican lawmakers have decided to take aim at the election laws since the general election of 2020. 

Voting Rules Could Come Under Republican Change

While most of the bills of the previous year were all about tightening access to the ballot, the current change in voting rules would see how elections are being run. Bills that have been pending in Georgia and Kansan, for instance, will establish detailed chain-of-custody procedures that all the election workers need to follow while handling ballots. 

Liz Avore, the vice president of policy and law at the Voting Rights Lab, informed CNN that they had been seeing the current crop of bills that had been feeding the narrative that most of the election administrators would have to be monitored closely.

The bills for introducing a change in voting rules seem to be a constant effort by Republicans in order to tighten the access to the ballot box as well as tweak most of the election procedures that have cropped out after the victory of Joe Biden in 2020. The former President of the United States Donald Trump, and his allies had spread the information that their loss in most of the key states did lead to election fraud. 

The voting rules have been going through a complete screening process in several states. In the state of Michigan, the Republican lawmakers have recently approved a completely new round of election restrictions- which also include a provision that would bar most of the election clerks from pushing for unsolicited absentee ballot applications to its voters.

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