Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) Q4 2021 EPS Predicted By Analysts Of KeyCorp


The analysts of KeyCorp have issued their estimates for Q4 EPS of 2021 for Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) on 9th March, Tuesday. KeyCorp has assigned a price objective of $225 to DIS shares along with the rating of ‘overweight’. They also estimated an EPS of $0.67 for Q1 2022 and $1.35 for Q4 2022. 

On Thursday, the company started from $195.06 with the market cap being $354.09 billion. Their lowest in 12 months is $79.07 while the highest is $203.02. Their current, quick, and leverage ratio is 1.32, 1.26, and 0.60. Their 50 days rolling average is at $183.21 while the 200 days is at $203.02. 

According to their 10th February report, their quarterly EPS was 0.32, exceeding the $0.45 consensus estimate by nearly $0.77. They had a 4.38% net margin along with a 4.05% equity return. 

DIS Stock Manages To Keep Their Price Up 

JPMorgan Chase and Co raised the price objective of DIS shares to $220 from $210 and gave a rating of ‘overweight’. Zacks upped it to a rating of ‘hold’ from ‘sell’ and assigned it $193. Loop Capital upgraded it to $230 from $190. Smith Citigroup promoted it to $175 from $150. Truist allotted it $175 with the rating of ‘buy’. The company has the consensus ‘hold’ recommendation with a $182.65 price objective. 

Zenia Mucha, EVP, sold off 35,906 of the shares at $173.34 EPS worth $6,223,946.04. Robert Iger, the Chairman, sold off 478,003 shares at $175.92 EPS worth $84,090,287.76. Insiders own 0.31% of the stock. 

Norges Bank purchased new holdings in Walt Disney stock, owning $3,003,286,000 worth of shares. Price Associates lifted their stake by almost 37.2% and own shares priced at $3,531,925,000. Viking Investors bought a new position and own $773,911,000 worth of shares. Morgan Stanley upgraded their stake by approximately 13.4%, owning shares priced at $3,575,528,000. FMR increased its position by roughly 16.1%

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