ORCL Has An Update In Its Short Interest


Oracle Co. (NYSE: ORCL) had a significant decline in March in its short interest. Until 31st March, the short interest totaled 23720000 of the shares, which is a 21.9% decline from the 15th March total. About 1.4% of shares are being sold short.

Detailed Overview Of ORCL Stock

ORCL shares traded upwards and closed at $78.95 last Friday. The company’s market capitalization value stands at $227.66B with a 0.76 beta. The highest and the lowest value of the stock in a year are $78.55 and $50.86 respectively. The moving average of ORCL over 50 days stands at $69.95 while that for 200 days stands at $62.97. In its latest quarterly earnings announcement on 9th March, Tuesday, it reported an EPS of $1.16, overshooting the estimated $1.11. The stock also has a 26.34% net margin.

Quite a few research analysts have covered ORCL recently. Barclays increased their rating of the stock to “overweight” from “equal weight” and upped the objective price to $80 from $66 on 11th March, Thursday. Citigroup issued a rating of “neutral” and set their objective price which stands at $65 on 3rd March, Wednesday. Stifel Nicolaus increased their price target to $62 from $56 and issued a rating of “hold” for the stock on 17th March, Wednesday. Sanford C. Bernstein issued their price objective which stands at $81 while re-issuing a rating of “buy” on 11th March, Thursday. Finally, KeyCorp increased their price target to $82 from $70 while issuing a rating of “overweight” on 15th March, Monday.

Safra Catz, the CEO, sold off 1150000 ORCL shares on 22nd March at a $66.31 average price per share. Jeffrey Henley, the vice-chairman, sold off 400000 of the shares on 5th March at a $70.03 average price per share.

Kathmere Capital LLC, Cowa LLC, Oder Investment Management LLC, RWM Asset Management LLC, and Johnson Midwest Financial LLC all increased their share of ORCL stock.    

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