WandaVision’s Episode 8 Doesn’t Follow Expectations

wandavision episode 8
wandavision episode 8

The eighth episode of the first season of WandaVision aired on Friday with wide anticipation and fanfare. This was followed by a last-moment reveal of Agatha Harkness, another witch, and Wanda’s neighbor in the show. It was proved that she had been the one behind everything. With its finale next, everyone hoped for a prolonged and exciting episode this week. But Marvel Studios only played its cards at best! They did not follow-up on expectations. What they did was take the speed down a notch more than before. 

One could call this episode more revealing, though. Because the main drop through it all was not at the end this time. It came in the middle of the show, unexpectedly. There are several tender moments— like Wanda’s love for imported DVDs from America. And hints of her origin story that has been peppered throughout the series so far. Agatha isn’t the perpetrator, as the episode showed. In fact, she is completely indefinite to the Scarlet Witch’s powers in WandaVision. She interrogates the protagonist to reveal her abilities to be Chaos Magic. 

WandaVision Has Another Witch Now

WandaVision wouldn’t be the titular show if it didn’t call the protagonist the Scarlet Witch. Agatha Harkness reveals that in this episode. She seems to hold Wanda’s children hostage to interfere with the so-called Chaos Magic. And what can she do further only remains a mystery. But this sets one expectation. That Wanda and Vision will have two antagonists now— Sword and Agatha. 

The spoiler ahead may not shake you the most. But it does its job with the show. It is revealed mid-show that the video of Wanda stealing Vision’s body was a false one. Hayward lied as he was the one who experimented with Vision’s body. Hence, he also has now broken the Sokovia Accords. And so WandaVision has yet another corrupt antagonist that has been there all along. How does he bring Vision back? Using the very hex energy from Wanda. 

And all of this is sure to dig a way to an epic finale for WandaVision!