Warhammer Coming On Screen Soon


Bringing Warhammer on screen is a big decision itself, and amazon is another big company that is trying to make it possible. This is a science fiction fantasy miniature war game. This is going to be a challenging task. However, the deal between the two companies is under wrap.

Warhammer Rights Have Been Granted To Amazon

Warhammer’s deal with amazon will produce film and television series based on games workshops and Warhammer is behind this. Initial rights will be granted to this company. This is a huge time for Netflix and other streaming companies to raise their standards or will have to lose to Warhammer, which is a big competition itself. After months of negotiation and meetings, they are close to making it all true.No writers or showrunners are attached.

However, these two companies are yet to sign the deal there is a negotiation going on about this project so they are yet to disclose any kind of progress now. Though amazon reveals Henry Cavill will produce and star Warhammer 40k.He is not alone in this project, Roy Lee and Natalie Viscuso are also there. This is a new gig for henry Cavill himself after the news broke recently he wouldn’t be coming back as superman.

The company itself made a comment saying Warhammer itself is a far future. Where humanity is standing far near the edge, this is the brightest future, they like to believe that but could be also the darkest age. That could be anything. Humanity is in danger and threatened by aliens, they are trying to reclaim the stars, and all of them are driven by fires of ambition specifically the traitors. And also there is a corruption of reality by malevolent gods.