JFK Assassination Is Coming To The Public Eye

jfk assassination

The motive behind the releasing of documents of JFK’s assassination is a massive chance to prove the government’s pure intentions for their country. Many men in power in the white house and the country failed to do so. The team working behind this is trying to restore faith in humanity. The Americans never believed that JFK was killed by a single man.

The JFK Assassination Will Remain A Mystery?

Larry Sabato the author of The Kennedy Half Century: The Presidency, Assassination, the lasting legacy of John F.kennedy, believes that the mystery behind his death will never be solved. Along with the government who are in power now, and who has been before the whole of America will never find out the whole truth of the JFK Assassination. They are trying to join the dots for decades after decades, and couldn’t find anything to back up their controversy.

There is still a mystery even if the CIA was involved at all or not in the JFK Assassination investigation. The only man who was caught for the killing of the president was Lee Harvey Oswald. But no one believes that Warren Commission finding Oswald alone was the case or is the case at all. But no effort will change the fact of what happened in 1963.

The Mexican president had a joint tapping of the telephone record mission with Oswald. Where the call was made from. Many were unaware of this fact, and these documents might release that. However, Mexico was deeply involved with the CIA. There are millions of conspiracy theories regarding the JFK Assassination that can add fuel to the controversy. However, everyone is working hard not to keep any kind of information hidden anymore.