Warning At Munich By US Of Close Ties Between China And Russia


The United States intelligence officials claim to have noticed some disturbing trendlines with China’s upliftment of the Russian military while instances of Beijing wanting to give lethal military help to Russia secretly have been captured.

Details on what the United States intelligence has come across regarding the shift of China’s position have not been given out as of now but the United States officers have shown enough concern that drove them to share the news with their partners and allies at the Security Conference at Munich over the past several days.

The issue was raised by Antony Blinken, Secretary of State, while at the conference he met Wang Yi, his counterpart on Saturday as said by the officials. The reporters were told by a senior of the State Department that the Secretary was blunt with his warnings regarding the implications also of the consequences if China would be found guilty of providing Russia with material support or helping them with any systematic sanction evasion.

Kamala Harris’s Growing Concern Raised by The US Intelligence 

Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States also suggested China supporting Russia during a speech delivered in Munich. She further raises her concern regarding the deepening relationship between Beijing and Moscow after the commencement of the war. Harris says clearly on Saturday that if China takes any further steps giving Russia lethal support would lead only to further killing and aggression which could also turn into undermining orders that would be rules-based. 

Opponent Wang’s opinion on Saturday in Munich said that the United States is hypocritically presenting itself as some proponent of peace. He further stated that an introduction to a peace plan would be made by Beijing to maintain healthy relationships between Russia and Ukraine and also a good relationship with Europe. However, at the very same time secretly the war efforts of Russia are being aided, and also considerations have been made to provide lethal aid.