Spencer Rattler In High Demand

spencer rattler
spencer rattler

Spencer Rattler is a well-known face in the American football circuit. He has a unique playing style that sets him apart from the rest. He was born on the 28th of September 2000 and plays for the Oklahoma Sooners. Rattler had a passion for football right from childhood.

He started playing the game when he was in school. Rattler had a great deal of success playing for his school and college team. He then wanted to step up his game a little further. He is one of the hottest assets in college football at the moment. 

However, the same cannot be said when the star athlete is playing the game. Based on his social media status, Rattler seems to be the best choice when it comes to marketing. However, recent performances have created a cloud of uncertainty. Let us take a detailed look at the incident below.

Spencer Rattler Concerned About Future

Despite being the hottest asset in the college circuit, the athlete has an uncertain future. He pulled out of the game against Texas for personal reasons. Rattler has missed the game consecutively for two seasons. This has put a big question mark on the future of the star. This meant that his status of appearing as the starting quarterback is in danger. 

Blake Lawrence is a social media CEO. He stated that the face value of Spencer Rattler is still the same. He has made so much news recently just because of his fame on social media. However, Rattler might be losing out his spot on the team. The role of a starting quarterback might be passed onto the freshly included Caleb Williams. 

Spencer Rattler is still sitting pretty as the most paid athlete. However, he must be careful and train hard to keep his fame and career intact.