Boston Celtics Player Jaylen Brown Points Out Systematic Racism!


The All-Star of Celtics Jaylen Brown discussed racism and other discrimination done to black people in Boston. This comes before the 3rd Game of the 1st round series of the team against the Nets on the night of Friday. According to Celtics player, Jaylen Brown, this issue of racism transcends everything including basketball. Since undergoing his west surgery which ended this season for Brown, he addressed the media and news channels for the 1st time. He spoke due to the comments made by Irving before the 3rd game. 

Celtics’ Jaylen Brown: Racism Much Bigger Than Basketball!

Irving said that no belligerence appears to have been made to racism. Irving made these comments at the TD Garden with the series shifting to Boston. After declining to answer questions of the media, Celtics player Jaylen Brown said that he would like to share a little bit of his perspective on the matter. He said that after seeing the racism topic floating in Boston, people urged him to share his perspectives on the issue.

He added that he has not talked about this issue to Danny Ainge, GM of Celtics, Marcus, or Kyrie, but he thinks that this issue will turn out to be a nice conversation. Jaylen Brown added that he thinks that systematic racism and casual racism should be discussed carefully and addressed in Boston and also in the US. 

However, he disagreed about the conditions in which this issue was brought up. It felt like this issue centered around the game of the playoffs which didn’t sit nicely with Jaylen Brown. He added that he doesn’t like when the racism topic is made into a crutch, an opportunity, and support for people to execute their gains. Jaylen Brown concluded that according to him, racism is a bigger issue than basketball and much bigger than the 3rd game of Celtics in the playoffs.