Wendy Williams In Trouble After Her Not So Sensitive Reporting Of Star Tiktoker’s Death

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams was accused of being insensitive in her Coverage. She reportedly received criticisms following her broadcast involving the Swavy case of murder.

She has also been in the news for her not so considerate reporting quite a few times earlier.

Wendy Williams Coined “Heartless”, Accused Of Exploiting A Tragic Murder For TRP

Teenage Tiktok sensation Matima Miller was shot dead on July 4th. The influencer, who was only 19, was more popular by the name 

” Swavy”. He had over 1million fans online and much to the horror of all of them, the tragic news of his murder dropped.

Local reports state that the teenager was shot by a gun near Delaware. However, no official statement from the police has been made yet.

Wendy Williams saw this as a potential TRP booster for her show. And immediately cashed in to report the incident. However, this move of Wendy Williams was not well received by the audience. They criticized the coverage and termed her as heartless.

At the beginning of her show, Williams asked her audience to applaud Swavy. Later, she went on to ask if anyone was familiar with the video-based app’s star. Most reactions said “no”.

This was the moment when she went on to compare the number of followers between the deceased Swavy & Williams. As she saw that the number of followers was more for Williams, she immediately boasted about the statistics.

This caused a wave of criticism towards Wendy Willams as Twitter got flooded with hate comments. 

Twiterattis expressed their concerns over how Williams can be so disrespectful towards someone who has just met a tragic death.