Governor Gavin Newsom For An Immediate 15% Reduction In Water Usage

Gavin Newsom

Governor Gavin Newsom has asked residents of California to reduce the use of household water consumption by 15%. The Western states of the US are coping with a withering and prolonged drought that has led to record-breaking temperatures.

At a press conference in San Luis Obispo County, Gavin Newsom included 9 more counties to the list declared hit by the drought. This effectively expands the drought emergency to cover 42% of California’s population in 50 of the 58 counties.

Gavin Newsom’s Suggestion Could Help Supply 1.7 Million Homes For A Year, If Followed

But Gavin Newsom’s appeal is not mandatory. The Governor’s order will make it easier for the counties to address water issues in coordination with the state. A 15% reduction would save the state 850,000 acre-feet, enough to supply 1.7 million homes for 1 year.

Limiting outdoor water usage, using recycled water, and using household appliances like washing machines and dishwashers to their full capacity are ways that could save water.

75% of the west is reeling under a severe drought. For the first time, many areas saw temperatures soaring to triple digits and leading to hundreds of deaths related to the extreme heat.

Electricity usage could also be affected as wildfires are raging across the state. PG&E, the biggest power supplier said that outages could get more frequent. The wildfire season has started early this year and promises to be terrible. The state faced 5 of its 6 biggest wildfires ever.

Gavin Newsom said he hoped that residents and industrial and commercial operations, and the agricultural sector would cut back on water usage. With the recall elections a couple of months away, the Governor has refrained from declaring a state of emergency or cutting back on the water supply to its citizens.

He was standing near Lopez Lake as he made his appeal for ‘voluntary standards.’ The lake has sunk to 35% of its full capacity. Republican Senator Andreas Borgeas has asked Governor Newsom to ignore environmental considerations for the present and concentrate on prioritizing water for water and food production.

The Republicans have traditionally been opposed to environmental concerns and have been dismissive of global warming concerns.